Monthly Archives: July 2021

That word “retired”

The word “retired” as it is commonly used and defined in the dictionary belongs to the industrial world, say the years 1920 to 2020, where it is understood in the sense of disposing of a worn out piece of machinery

Simple personality types and their behavior

Many interpersonal misunderstandings originate in parties not having the same goal of the discussion. I do not wish to go into detail of which underlying psychological motivation e.g. ego that drives these goals, but it is certainly noticeable that if

Why The $35 Trillion In United States Retirement Accounts Should Be Spent On Bitcoin

American retirement savings represent a new beachhead for bitcoin — we just need to make sure people hold their own keys.

Employee shortages: Where have all the workers gone?

From hospitality to road haulage, firms say they can’t get staff. So are employees now calling the shots?

Elon Musk: ‘I don’t want to be CEO of anything’

Elon Musk reiterated on Friday that he doesn’t want to be Space X or Tesla boss. What’s going on?

‘Covid vaccine scammers nearly got me’

Sioban Moore escaped disaster by a whisker after receiving a fake email inviting her for a jab.

Monzo bank in money laundering rules investigation

Monzo warned investors that the investigation could have a negative impact on the digital bank.

Amazon hit with $886m fine for alleged data law breach

The tech giant rejects claims it has broken European Union data protection laws.

My girlfriend cosigned my mortgage. I paid the mortgage for 4 years, plus a $125,000 down payment. She paid the utilities. Now she wants half

Exxon’s plastics business is turning record profits