Growing Number of Public Health Experts Recommend Upgrading Masks

Cloth masks may have protected you during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, but with the rise of the Delta variant many public health officials are now advising people to use higher-quality masks. Americans are advised to use the best masks available to them as the Delta variant spreads, students head back into schools and the public resumes other high-risk activities.

Using higher quality masks does not mean just going to the pharmacy and buying another box of surgical masks. Several local health departments say the best options available are N95 and KN95 disposable masks, followed by a good-fitting surgical mask, and finally, a double-layered cloth mask. However, the age of the mask and how it fits are also important. For example, if your glasses fog up while you are wearing your mask, it does not fit properly.

“We urge our members to protect themselves and others against this deadly virus,” said Joseph Peters, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of the Alliance. “More than a year into this pandemic, it is probably time to invest in new masks, and consider upgrading them.”

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