The virtue of discomfort

Discomfort is a virtue.

Without discomfort it is not possible to retrain to your insulin system to stop expecting a new infusion of carbohydrates every third waking hour. Without discomfort the body never learns to burn fat for energy. Without discomfort it is impossible to be full of energy without eating and you will not be able to function without eating all the time.

Without discomfort it is not possible to push yourself beyond your current level of endurance. Without discomfort, your vascular system does not improve. Without discomfort it would be impossible to run for hours without stopping.

Without discomfort you don’t get very far. Without the discomfort of blisters and aching knees, it does not eventually become possible to walk 30 miles without a single blister. Without this discomfort you could not walk 30 miles and then play a game of basketball right after. Without discomfort you neeeed a car to get around.

Without discomfort, warm weather becomes a restraint. Without discomfort, your sweat glands do not activate. Your vascular system does not improve and cool you. Without discomfort, you can not function without heating (or air conditioning).

Without discomfort, sharing your room is a challenge that is impossible. Without discomfort, you are never motivated to learn the social skills needed to get along in close quarters. Without discomfort you become a spoiled person that only functions if you have your own room.

Without discomfort, instant gratification is your modus openrandi. Without discomfort, you never learn to wait when it is in your better long term interest. Without discomfort, you may get into debt or get stuck with a lousy deal.

Without discomfort, wants turn into needs and luxuries are treated as necessities. Without discomfort an absolute threshold is never internalized. Without discomfort you will never be able to stop when enough is enough. Without discomfort you will not be able to quit your job.

Without discomfort your comfort becomes your main weakness. Change is uncomfortable and discomfort is necessary for change. Change is possible, but it is never easy and it is never comfortable. If change was easy, it would happen randomly because nobody would resist it.

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Originally posted 2009-03-22 18:53:03.