Making socks last

Get identical socks. First of all, they are easier to pair up after doing the laundry. More importantly though, if one sock fails you don’t have to throw out the pair or wear mismatched socks like Pippi Longstockings. Simply pair it with another sock. I don’t think you have to be a mathematician to appreciate how this works out.

However, before throwing a sock out, try applying heroic measures and darn it. No, I don’t mean cursing it, but getting out thread and needle.

Instructions can be found here.

Once a sock has reached terminal failure it is time to put it to other use. While they can be used as a hat in case you have a small head or really big feet, I usually use them to polish shoes with.

I must admit that I have failed to maintain my identical sock system. After owning 20 identical socks, I’m now down to two. What’s worse, in a fit of laziness and having to deal with the horrors of making wish lists, I simply told everybody that I wanted socks. Of course I had not considered the possibility of people not giving me all identical socks, silly me!

Incidentally in case you’re a noob about “what not to wear” like I used to be and possibly still is, the following statement contains my sole knowledge on men’s fashion when it comes to socks. Socks are considered an extension of the pant and should be the same color though darker socks are okay.The second best option is to have all black socks. Lighter-than-pant socks are a no-no unless you are playing tennis.

Girl’s you’re on your own.

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