Traveling around the world after ERE

Save 75-80% for five years and then quit your work and do something else. I’m not the only, nor the first one to do this.

I recently found a couple who also saved 75% for 5 years and now use their financial independence to do just that. They have been biking around the world for the past 8 years.

Here are some budget suggestions for bicycle touring.

While I do feel the urge to relocate every 3-4 years, tourism/permatravel has never really appealed to me (just send me a postcard). However, I know that it appeals to many of you. You can certainly travel with a location-independent business or by working along the way, but I’d feel safer and more relaxed about it if I was financial independent.

Thus, rather than spend 5 years of my twenties to travel around before I got started on the middle class life, I’d rather work the middle class life for 5 years while saving for FI and THEN set out to travel. That way, I’d know for sure that I wouldn’t have to come back unless I wanted to.

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Originally posted 2010-10-06 12:32:10.