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What cycling taught me about personal finance

Whereas football is a game where a bunch of girls wear protective padding and slap each others’ butts, cycling is a sport for real men who shave their legs and wear spandex. All this is besides the point though. The

Further reading – A big list of books

I am using hyperlatex to simultaneously mark up a HTML version of the LaTeX that I’m using to typeset my book. Therefore it should be be fairly easy to share the bibliography of the book without a lot editing. Aside

Cathie Wood’s $500K Bitcoin call is already happening — how to ride the wave to half a million

Gift Tax, Explained: 2021 Exemption and Rates

Walking in the rain

CurrentlyOnce upon a time a little windy drizzlemajor storm iswas moving a few leaveswrecking havoc on the bay area. Alright, I haven’t checked out the entire bay area, but in my opinion around here it’s just rainy and windy. Weather

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

What does umbrella insurance cover, exactly? Do you really need it? And, if so, how much? I recently reviewed our umbrella insurance policy. I’ve carried it for years, but without really digging into the details of the coverage. It was

KHN: Medicare Punishes 2,499 Hospitals for High Readmissions

The federal government’s effort to penalize hospitals for excessive patient readmissions is ending its first decade with Medicare cutting payments to nearly half the nation’s hospitals. In its 10th annual round of penalties, Medicare is reducing its payments to 2,499

Women May Be Better Investors Than Men. Let Me Mansplain Why.

Overconfidence is bad, and women are less likely to fall victim to it.

You’re at work: What if your mum walks into traffic?

One worker in seven has caring duties on top of their job – and some face huge challenges from both.

Greta Thunberg: Activist calls on banks to stop funding climate ‘destruction’

The Swedish campaigner is in the UK to take part in protests ahead of next week’s COP26 conference.