Make your own refried beans

Here’s how to make refried beans (unit cost: negligible)

First you get a 20lbs bag of pinto beans for free at ?
Second, you take a large bowl and soak the some beans in water all day.

Third, you cook them in a pressure cooker. An ordinary pot works as well, but it takes 3 times as long and requires 6 times as much electricity, gas, etc.

Fourth, you mince an onion and crush a few garlic. By a few I mean a lot ?

Fifth, you saute the onion and garlic in a deep pan until golden brown. Cast iron works great(*). I use one of these. Use more oil than you think.You probably want to cover 1/4 of the bottom. I used olive oil.

(*) Way better than teflon!

Sixth, get the beans out of the pressure cooker. Drain the water and dump them in the pan. Mash some of them. Stir and try to get all of them fried. Make sure they don’t burn. This should take ten minutes or so. Add oil if they look like they are going to burn. Also, turn down the heat.

Experts can use homemade lard or bacon grease instead of olive oil.

Serve with tortilla shells, rice, tomatoes, salad, cheese, salsa, olives, … or whatever you prefer.

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