The lifestyle design blog drinking game

As any college student knows, using cliche based material in a drinking game is a great excuse to get drunk, and what better way to find cliches than reading about lifestyle design, since these days pretty much every lifestyle is a design except of course those icky conventional ones that we are all trying to avoid in the same unconventional way.

Disclaimer: You can use whatever type of liquid you prefer. If you live somewhere where the legal drinking age is more than just a suggestion, please follow all applicable laws, etc. “1 drink” typically means a swig or a gulp in the sense that the adams apple moves up and down once.

Various points of annoyance
Not to worry. Drinking will make it easier to cope.

  • The post has a stock photo, take 3 drinks.

  • Two different lifestyle blogs use the exact same photo to illustrate their unconventional lifestyle within days of each other, please feel free to drink as much as you need.

  • If the blog has some form of popup that blankets out the screen urging you to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product smack yourself on the forehead while making a stupid face and drink 10 times.

  • The blogger has written a manifesto, like me, take 3 drinks.

Overused words.
Unless I am dreaming, lifestyle is all about using incredibly amazingly awesome words to describe regular things while loving it with a passion.

  • The word “awesome” appears, so shout “awesome like a hotdog” and take 1 drink.

  • The word “amazing” appears, so take 1 drink and look as if contemplating the taste of the beer and say “amazing” with a discerning look.

  • The word “incredible” appears, so appear shocked and take 1 drink to calm yourself down.

  • The word “remarkable” appears in the post. Whatever.

  • The word “dream” or “dreams” appears, so take 1 drink and pinch your nose to see if you’re still awake.

  • The word “passion” or “passionate” appears, so take 1 drink. You already know your passion is drinking.

  • The word “love” or “loving” appears in the post, take 1 drink.

  • The word “happy”, “happier”, “happiness” appears, take 1 drink.

  • The words “lifestyle” and “design” appear in the same sentence, take 1 drink.

  • Using the word “launch” about a product that will be “launched” at some point in the future or which has been “launched” by someone else. Take 3 drinks unless it is actually being “launched” today.

*Unconventional” spelling
Unconventional spelling is a great way to be unconventional. Have a drink for every manufactured novelty word that does not exist in the dictionary, in particular

  • If “happyness” is misspelled, take 5 drinks.

  • If anything is described and un-, non-something else, take 1 drink. (The first one to spot something like ununiform to describe their capris and purple tank top, please let me know.)

The comments are also a good source of general imbibing. The rules above still apply with a few extra rules thrown in

  • If a profile photo in the comments is “clever” e.g. rather than a face it shows the face reflected in a mirror, a jumping person, a screaming person, … take 1 drink.

  • If a comment says “Good post. I agree”, say “I too agree and therefore the post is good.” and take 1 drink.

  • If a comment says “Bad post. I don’t agree”, take 2 drinks.

  • If a comment claims that the post was timely, open another beer (in a timely manner of course).

Now reread the past weeks post on this blog and tell me how drunk you got ?

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