The blender, the spice grinder

As it turns out, our $25 blender can grind spices to a flour like powder on the ice crushing setting. I did not know that! Knowing that could have saved a lot of hours with the mortar and pestle, and it could also have saved the 15 bucks spent to get it a few years ago.

Now I’m wondering, what else don’t I know. Which other cooking utensils can do double duty?

  • Almost all cutting jobs can be done with a serrated utility knife. This can cut directly into a plate eliminating the cutting board.
  • A lid held just right replaces a colander.
  • Glass jars with lids can double as drinking glasses as well as storage jars. They work in the microwave too. I used to buy mustard in whisky glasses. Along the same lines, olive glasses work well as spice jars. Just tape a label to the jar.
  • Instead of normal spoon and a cooking spoon, go for the intermediate serving spoon which can be used for both as long as you got a big mouth.

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Originally posted 2008-12-26 20:02:18.