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November 2021 Best of the Web

This month, we cover a variety of important topics. We start with an effort to determine the safe retirement spending rate in a time of high market valuations and low interest rates. The world is changing faster and is noisier

Covid: ‘We’ve had 20 cancellations in one weekend’

As worries emerge over a new Covid variant, hospitality fears it could thwart the busiest time of year.

Mandatory masks: ‘We worry people won’t shop with us’

Shopkeepers are concerned about enforcing mask-wearing and terrified they will have to close again.

Asda charters cargo ship to prevent Christmas shortages

Supermarket says the move ensures it will not run out of decorations, gifts and toys.

Facial recognition firm faces possible £17m privacy fine

Clearview AI allegedly breached privacy rules and must now delete relevant photos from its records.

Covid: Omicron variant causes passengers to scramble for flights

One traveller told the BBC he had found an alternative flight home, but he faces extra costs of £4,000.

Billionaire George Soros Loads Up on These 3 “Strong Buy” Stocks

Nio: Big Year at the Gate

China Cash Flowed Through Congo Bank to Former President’s Cronies

Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel warns that stocks could drop 10% as soon as December — hold fast with these 3 ‘conservative’ tech picks