Monthly Archives: January 2022

The Mini-minimum wardrobe

Previously, I have a advocated having about 12 items of socks, underwear and shirts based on the laundry cycle of the typical toploading laundry mat. This works well, because it allows you do a cold and a warm (60C) wash

What we have is a failure to communicate

Lately, I have been wondering whether communication could be improved by choosing my adjectives more in accordance to the fashion of the day. For instance, to me “awesome” is a Saturn V launch and “amazing” might describe … actually I

Concerns over food shortages as CO2 deal ends

Food and drink firms are warning supplies could be hit unless government subsidies continue.

Brexit: UK plan to remove EU law sparks nations’ anger

The UK government says the plan will cut red tape – but devolved nations are unhappy with the move.

Spotify: Streaming giant announces plans to clamp down on Covid misinformation

The streaming giant says it will add warnings to all podcasts discussing Covid-19 on its platform.

National Insurance: Rise will squeeze budgets – CBI

Businesses say they don’t support increasing National Insurance as they recover from Covid’s impact.

The 60%-40% portfolio will deliver anemic returns over the next decade — here’s how to adapt

Spotify Lost More Than $2 Billion in Market Value After Neil Young Pulled His Music Over Joe Rogan’s Podcast

What to expect from markets in the next six weeks, before the Federal Reserve revamps its easy-money stance

Comcast, Chevron, and 7 More Companies That Boosted Their Stock Dividends This Week