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Endurance events

One possible way of spending retirement is to enroll in marathons, ironmen (or is that ironmans?), ultracycling, etc. all over the country or planet depending on ambition. Last SundayA couple of years ago I completed my first century (actually it

UK fast-tracks law to tackle Russian ‘dirty money’

The new law follows the invasion of Ukraine and will target money-laundering by foreign oligarchs.

Ukraine conflict: Russian rouble plunges after new sanctions announced

The growing tensions also helped to push the price of Brent crude oil back above $100 a barrel.

Why the world is waging economic war on Russia

Sanctions imposed by Western nations will cause major repercussions for Russia’s financial system.

Cost of living: Bill shock as energy price rises hit home

Details of bill rises are now being sent to customers, with some set to pay well over £1,000 more a year.

BP to offload stake in Rosneft amid Ukraine conflict

Two BP directors will resign from the board of the Russian state-owned oil firm “with immediate effect”.

SWIFT Ban on Russia Means the Fed May Need to Ready Dollars

U.S. stock futures plunge as investors weigh impact of latest Russia sanctions

War, Inflation, Rising Interest Rates: 6 Stocks for Tumultuous Times

Dow Jones Futures Signal ‘Swift’ Market Losses As Russia Banks Targeted Amid Ukraine Invasion