Key Senator Still Pushing for Legislation to Lower Drug Prices

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (OR) told Bloomberg News this week that a new version of the Build Back Better Act could be reintroduced with a focus on lowering prescription drug costs, expanding access to health care and increasing clean energy tax credits. The previous version of the legislation was blocked last year after Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) objected to the overall cost of the bill.

However, Sen. Manchin has expressed support for allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug pricing, increasing the likelihood that a more focused bill could pass. Manchin’s vote is necessary for Democrats to pass the bill through a narrow Senate majority without Republican support.

The American public strongly favors the health care proposals in the stalled Build Back Better legislation, including requiring Medicare to negotiate lower prices on certain prescription drugs; a $35 per month cap on insulin costs; and expanding Medicare to cover hearing care, including hearing aids.

“If Build Back Better must be scaled back, it is important that we keep the provisions that lower drug prices,” said Joseph Peters, Jr., Secretary -Treasurer of the Alliance.

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