How to decide whether to unsubscribe from a blog

The primary purpose of blog reading should be to gain understanding. Reading without increasing understanding is essentially a waste of time. If you find yourself readily agreeing with the author, chances are that you are merely reading along to have the author stroking your ego or feeling less alone. If you find yourself readily understanding what the author is saying, he either writes very well, but chances are that you have already achieved this particular level of understanding and that by further reading you are merely collecting information without increasing your understanding. Only when a blog continuously causes you to stop and think and revise your thinking will this blog increase your understanding.

Those are the only blogs worth reading(*). Unsubscribe from the rest.

(*) If you find yourself laughing out loud, you are being entertained; I suppose that is alright too.

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Originally posted 2009-08-12 00:21:25.