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Seniors Cheer Additional Funding for SSA in Continuing Resolution

Statement by Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, regarding Senate passage of the Continuing Resolution that provides annualized funding for the Social Security Administration (SSA) that is $400 million beyond the FY22 level: “The U.S. Senate came

U.S. Lawmakers Draft Bill To Allow Bitcoin, Crypto In 401(k) Plans

The bill amends ERISA of 1974 to include digital assets under “covered investments,” thereby shielding investment managers from liability.

What Is An Annuity Table?

As a grownup, you no longer have to deal with multiplication tables. But as an investor, you might want to understand annuity tables, especially if you’re relying on guaranteed income to fund your retirement. An annuity table, which involves plenty

Cost of living: Energy bills set to rise but help cushions blow

A two-year government-set cap means price rises taking effect on Saturday are lower than initially expected.

Energy price cap: Three things to do before your bills rise

Millions are seeing their energy bills go up, but there are ways to help ease the mounting costs.

Cost of living tips: How to cut energy and heating costs in your home

Consumer Affairs Correspondent Colletta Smith has picked out some of the best ways to cut costs in your home.

King Charles: New coins featuring monarch’s portrait unveiled

Centuries of tradition are followed as King Charles faces left – the opposite way to the Queen.

US points finger at Russia over gas pipeline sabotage

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm tells the BBC its unlikely Nord Stream leaks are coincidence.

Cathie Wood just called out the Fed’s biggest blind spot and warns of significant ‘price deflation in the pipeline’ — here are the top 3 stocks she likes right now

Everybody wants to …

When I was a precocious kid i.e. annoying like I am now, but in a cuter and more excusable kind of way, our family went on a road trip through Sweden. I was reading the road signs as a way