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Report Shows the Importance of Estate Planning for the Wealthy: Are You on Track?

Baby Boomers are expected to hand over more than $70 trillion in assets to their heirs. Many are concerned about making sure that their leftover assets go to the right people and purposes. And they may well be right to

Coming Soon: Revenge of the Baby Boomers

Baby boomers, who make up a significant portion of the US population and control a large portion of the nation’s wealth, want their retirement savings protected.

The Big Fat 401(k) Fake Out

Target date funds (TDFs), which make up over half of total 401(k) assets, are not following the investment theory they claim to, exposing investors to excessive risk.

SECURE Act 2.0: An Overview

In the final days of 2022, Congress passed a new set of retirement rules designed to facilitate contribution to retirement plans and access to those funds earmarked for retirement.

5 Types of Roth Conversion Strategies to Manage Taxes

Did you know that the correct Roth conversion strategy can have a significant impact on how much your clients will pay in taxes over the course of their lifetime?

Findings From Franklin Templeton’s RIA Technology Report: Elevating The Digital Client Experience

Amid a massive generational transfer of wealth and the continued rise in the adoption of wealth technologies, wealth management firms, including RIAs, have a real opportunity.

Advisor’s Guide to Protecting Retirement Income

To better understand the thinking and results behind the white paper, we reached out and talked with one of the authors, Jon Robinson, who is CEO and Co-Founder of Blueprint Investment Partners and an Institute member.

Rethink: Rethinking 65 Retirement Realities

How can a financial advisor who has never retired or reached age 65 advise clients on how to transition to retirement?

Measuring Target Date Fund Performance

At $3.5 trillion and growing target date funds (TDFs) are the big deal in 401(k) plans, yet the industry is not yet reporting the most informative performance results.

What Does It Mean to ‘Carry Wealth Lightly’?

Writing here previously, I noted that we are all responsible for understanding how best to guide clients and ourselves through financially stressful times. Best: The tools exist to help work through the process – this time and in the future.