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4 Ways to Save More Money for Retirement This Year

The approaching holiday season has a lot of people thinking about spending money, but now’s also a great time for savers looking to beef up their retirement accounts. The end of the year brings extra income to many households, and

Here’s How the Fed’s Rate Hikes Will Impact Your Retirement Plan — for Better or Worse

The stock market dropped this week after the August Consumer Price Index indicated that inflation was higher than expected. Paired with a decent employment report, this inflation data opened the door to continued rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. Rising

3 Reasons Not to Retire at 65

There’s a reason many seniors are inspired to retire at 65. Age 65 is when Medicare eligibility kicks in, so it’s easy to associate 65 with retirement. But actually, retiring at 65 is a decision you might regret. Here are

Retiring in 2022? 5 Ways to Start Off on the Right Foot

The decision to leave the workforce for good is a big one. Not only does retiring mean giving up your paycheck, but it also means changing your lifestyle and schedule. If you’re planning to retire in the new year, here

3 Things to Know About Backdoor Roth IRAs

Both traditional and Roth IRAs are retirement accounts that make saving for retirement more manageable. The problem, however, that some may face is the income limit put in place that limits who can contribute to a Roth IRA. For tax

Wait, Before You Retire: Can You Answer These 5 Questions?

Retirement may seem like an ideal time of your life, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some seniors face financial or personal struggles in their later years, often because they left the workforce before they were really prepared.

4 Retirement Saving Strategies for Every Age

If you’re having some doubts about your retirement savings plan, you’re not alone. Surveys suggest that one-third of people aren’t confident in their financial security through retirement, and that one-quarter of people expect to work into their 70s.

How to Retire With $1 Million on an Average Salary

Saving for retirement isn’t easy, especially as costs continue to rise. While Social Security benefits can help to an extent, your monthly checks were never designed to be a primary source of income.It’s possible, then, that you may need to

3 Best Ways to Invest for Retirement

Covering your costs in your retirement will probably be the largest financial goal in your life. Your retirement can potentially last for decades, and once you no longer collect a paycheck, your savings and investments will probably have to cover

3 Signs Your Retirement Plan Needs a Refresh

If you want to enjoy your senior years to the fullest, taking the time to plan for retirement is a smart bet. But if these things apply to you, it may be time to give your plan another look.