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The Prohibitive Cost of Senior Care and How to Fund It

If inflation has taught us anything, it’s that household budgets must leave room for higher prices. Two years ago, you may have been covering your living expenses easily. And today? You’re paying 10% or 12% more for groceries and services,

How One Bad Financial Mistake Cost Me 7 Years Retiring Early, Guaranteed You’re Making it Now

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, only 33% of Americans feel confident about retiring comfortably. Many individuals and families struggle to secure their financial future, making it essential to be aware of the pitfalls and mistakes that can derail

How Retirees Should Financially Plan for Mental Health

One of your biggest concerns as a retiree is going to be planning for the future of your physical health. Over time, your physical health will degrade and you’ll likely be less capable of doing things for yourself; as a

How to Future Proof Your Money, Today and Forever? 

When you talk about managing your finances, how frequently do you review your expenses? Don’t you worry about grocery bills pinching your wallet or travel expenses rising like never before?

How to Plan for Saving Money Each Month

What are your plans for your retirement years? According to the 2022 Transamerica Retirement Survey, the top two retirement goals are “traveling” and “spending more time with family and friends.” But to reach those goals, you’ll need to know how

11 Ways to Make Financial Planning Easier

Financial planning may be necessary but it’s also notorious for being a decidedly unpleasant experience. For many people, dealing with intimidating life events such as children in college or reaching retirement age, can trigger much emotional or mental stress. Still

10 Ways to Improve Your Future Financial State

A 2022 study found that by September of that year, 63% of Americans lived paycheck to paycheck. Many of these people don’t think about how their spending habits will impact their future financial state. It’s easy to get so caught

What is a Good Monthly Retirement Income for Women Entrepreneurs?

If you’ve been successful in your entrepreneurial ventures, you probably have some means of income for your retirement, but usually, entrepreneurs, particularly women entrepreneurs, need to supplement their monthly retirement income to maintain their lifestyle. 

Annuities: 15 Things You Must Know to Save You Time and Money

The prospect of having some sort of guaranteed retirement income is particularly attractive in today’s uncertain financial climate.

How to Find the Present Value of an Annuity

Because annuities offer advantages like regular lifetime payments, premium protection, tax-deferred growth, unlimited contributions, and various investment options, they should be a part of your retirement plan.