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I Made $400k Last Year and Have $600k in Retirement Savings, But My Spouse Doesn’t Work. How Can I Save More for Retirement?

It’s common for even very high earners to feel squeezed, especially if you live in an expensive area like New York, San Francisco or Boston. Costs of living close to your job will almost certainly be high, particularly since you’re

The Best Changes You Can Make to Your Home in Retirement

Most people look forward to retirement, since they’ll have much more freedom and flexibility during this time. However, if you’re not satisfied with your home environment, or if it’s not conducive to your lifestyle as you get older, you might

Ask an Advisor: I’m a Retired Teacher With a State Pension, Social Security and $550k in Savings. Should I Pay Off My $120k Mortgage?

I am trying to decide if I should pay off my house worth about $750,000. I owe around $120,000 on an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). On the other hand, my 4.5% interest rate just ended and I know the interest will

Ask an Advisor: I’m 60 and ‘Feeling Hopeless’ With Just $15k Saved. What Can I Do Now to Increase My Retirement Savings?

I am feeling hopeless. I am 60 years old and have only $15,000 saved. I will get a 80% pension from the state of Massachusetts and be able to retire in three years. What can I possibly do to increase

Ask an Advisor: I’m a 54-Year-Old Nurse With $1 Million in Assets and a $7k Monthly Pension. Can I Retire Now?

I’m 54 with 26 years of service as a nurse. We go by the rule of 80 (your age plus years of service = 80) on our retirement plan. It will cover my health insurance. My pension will be around

Ask an Advisor: I’m 70 With $1.4 Million in IRAs. Should I Convert $160k Per Year into a Roth to Save on RMDs Later?

I am 70 and I have $1.4 million in traditional IRAs. Is it best to do $160,000 in Roth conversions for the next 1-3 years to reduce my high RMDs in about 5-10 years? That would put me in the