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Fugitive crypto boss believed arrested in Montenegro

Terraform Labs’ Do Kwon has also been charged with fraud by US prosecutors.

Jack Dorsey business target of Hindenburg report

Jack Dorsey’s Block sees shares drop after famed short-seller Hindenburg levels claims.

Interest rate rise: Bank of England more hopeful on UK economy

Andrew Bailey’s comments come as the Bank raises interest rates to 4.25% to try to combat inflation.

Average Treasury worker 34 despite over-50s back to work push

Over-50s are being urged to work but just 10% of Treasury staff are that age, the BBC has learned.

Think Texas has a cheaper tax burden than California? Think again.

‘It’s a b—-, but you gotta do it’: Charlie Munger says that your first $100K is the toughest to earn — but most crucial for building wealth. Here’s why it’s such a magical milestone

‘Oh my God’: This secretary in Illinois built a $7M fortune starting with $180. Here’s the one powerful technique that made Grace Groner rich — and can change your life too

No ‘Guarantee’ But Yellen May Have Just Set a Trap for the Bears

U.S. Banks are sitting on $1.7 trillion in unrealized losses, research says. That’s not a problem—until it is

The secret of education

Warning: this is a contrarian post and as such it may question some deeply held beliefs. If you keep going you might not like what you read. The education industry has successfully installed the meme that not going to college