Renting: Number of UK homes available down by a third

UK lettings agencies have 10 places to rent on average, compared to 16 before 2021, Zoopla data shows.

Diesel price ‘shocking’ given wholesale drop, says RAC

Difference between diesel and petrol prices is “scandalous” given similar wholesale costs, RAC says.

Renting: Three ways to win the race to securing a property

From being first in the queue to being more flexible, here are some tips on how to get ahead in the rental race.

How California floods affect US food prices

The state’s flooded farmlands have big consequences for US and global food supplies.

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Early Retirement Resources: Remembering What Matters

Things definitely are not boring in our financial system. Interest rates continue to rise. Cracks in the foundation of our debt stressed financial system are being exposed. Markets remain volatile. How do you feel? Have you planned well for this?

Retiree Group Cautiously Applauds Law that Expands Medicaid in North Carolina

Raleigh – Members of the North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans (NCARA) applauded the expansion of Medicaid into law on Monday. NCARA is a grassroots advocacy organization with more than 54,000 members across the state. Once fully implemented, approximately 600,000

Civil servants to strike in April

The PCS union said 130,000 members voted to strike on 28 April in a continued row over pay, pensions and job security.

Chocolate and sweets prices jump ahead of Easter

Chocolate is among food products that have seen record rises in March, ahead of the Easter holiday.