Which books would you recommend?

More and more books are coming out all the time (we’re in a publishing bubble!) and it would be interesting to see which books, if any, you (readers) would recommend for someone who is looking for

  • Financial independence
  • Alternative living/voluntary simplicity
  • Early retirement

I realize there is a ton of other subjects from generic how to start a retirement account to how to get out of debt. You can list those in the comments too if you have a really good argument for why the rest of us should be interested.

If you want a longer list of my recommendations, check out my list of financial freedom books and my second list of books.

Instachallenge: Grab a plastic grocery bag (kudos if you successfully eliminated plastic/paper grocery bags from your life) and head into your closet (those with walk-in closets can read this literally, others can read it figuratively) and fill it with clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Put this clothes in the bag and donate it to someone who can make better use of it than you did.

I just did it myself.

The whole exercise will take less than 5 minutes, yet I predict less than 20% will consider it and less than 20% of the 20% (that is, 4% of the total) will actually do it. Do you think I am right?

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Originally posted 2010-06-28 15:00:08.