Monthly Archives: March 2022

‘We’re putting up prices to cope with VAT rise’

With hospitality businesses facing soaring costs, some are warning they will have to increase prices.

Why are energy bills so high and when should I take a meter reading?

Electricity and gas bills for a typical household will go up £693 a year in April.

P&O Ferries: New ferry pay rules won’t work, warn ports

The trade body representing the UK’s main ferry ports says they are not the right bodies to enforce pay rules.

Germany and Austria take step towards gas rationing

Germany and Austria have both issued gas supply warnings as a payments row with Russia escalates.

Ukraine conflict: Russia to allow unauthorised imports from West

The decision is in response to Western sanctions and surging inflation since the war in Ukraine.

Bill extending 401(k) withdrawals and boosting auto-enrollment in retirement accounts passes House

The total cost of TV

Monetary cost: $50/month = $600/year which requires savings of at least $15000 to sustain in retirement. Financially, a cable subscription will delay retirement for more than a year for most people. This assumes that one does not buy a new

Firms must choose between helping Russia and West – US

Wally Adeyemo, a top US politician, says the West is committed to issuing more sanctions on Russia.

Going cashless would be a big problem for millions – RSA report

Only 17% of payments are in cash but millions would struggle without notes and coins, a report says.

‘We see the queue for food growing day by day’

An anti-hunger charity sees unprecedented demand for surplus food during cost of living crisis.