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Early Retirement Resources 10/30/2023

This month we start with an article that provides a framework for thinking about optimizing retirement income. Then we’ll explore timely strategies that can be applied to this framework. I explore last year’s hot investment topic, I Bonds, to see

Creating a Retirement Bucket List: Adventures to Embark on in Your Golden Years

Do you have a retirement bucket list? Do you know what that even is? 

Ask an Advisor: We’re in Our 60s and Have $2.4 Million in an IRA. ‘Do We Really Need a Financial Advisor?’

My wife (62) and I (60) have $2.4 million in our Edward Jones IRA account and have no mortgage payment and our children are out of the house. Do we really need a financial advisor (at 1%) or could we

Can a Nursing Home Take Our Assets? We Have a $500k IRA and a Trust to Protect Us

Can a nursing home seize your savings? What if your money is in a trust or a Roth IRA? For married and single retirees alike, these are important questions with nuanced answers. First for the good news: A nursing home

General Motors deal clears way for end to US car strike

The move follows agreements at Ford and Chrysler-maker Stellantis, the other two carmakers hit by walkouts.

Sharp rise in UK firms at risk of going bust, insolvency data shows

The number of businesses in “critical distress” is on the rise as many battle with higher prices and lower demand.

Cost-of-living payments: Latest £300 instalment being paid from now

Millions of low-income households will receive a cost-of-living payment between now and 19 November.

Elon Musk expected to attend AI summit in UK

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he would do a live interview with the tech billionaire.

Bankers’ bonus cap scrapped allowing return of bumper rewards

Removing the cap on bankers’ bonuses could bring back “greed is good” attitudes, warns TUC.

Dow Jones Gains Nearly 500 Points; Warren Buffett-Backed EV Hits Record Profit As Tesla Plunges