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I’m 75 With $900,000 in an IRA. How Do I Make Sure This Money Lasts the Rest of My Life?

Ensuring that your retirement savings last the rest of your life often requires balancing income with expenses over your projected lifespan. But suppose you have $900,000 in an IRA. You’d also want to consider whether you want to leave behind

We’re in Our Late 50s With $1.6 Million in Our 401(k)s. Should We Switch to Roth Contributions?

A Roth IRA offers significant benefits for retirees. As an after-tax account, distributions from Roth IRAs are typically tax-free. This can save you a lot of money in retirement, but at the cost of up-front tax payments while you’re saving.

When Should I Take My First RMD?

You may not be thinking about required minimum distributions (RMDs) throughout your career, but chances are that they’ll be on your mind once you hit your 70s. RMDs are a critical part of retirement planning. A financial advisor can help

We’re in Our Early 60s with $1.4 Million in Investments. Can We Afford to Withdraw $90k Per Year in Retirement?

There are going to be many factors that help you determine if you’re ready to retire to $90k per year for as long as you’ll need it. Withdrawing too much too soon heightens the danger of depletion, so determining a

Out in Older Age: LGBTQIA+ Aging in US is Rife With Isolation and Financial Risk

Much of financial planning and consideration for retirement and older adulthood is universal. But each person’s experience will be different, and researchers find considerable variations along identity, economic, and geographic dimensions. 

5 Ways for Business Leaders to Invest in Themselves During Retirement

Retirement. Everybody wants it. Many people work hard to achieve it. But once you get there, it can be hard to know what to do with it.

A Black and White Approach To Retirement: Advisors Weigh In on BlackRock’s Unconventional Recommendation

It might be time to abandon the idea of a balanced portfolio. Traditional wisdom holds that investors should diversify their assets. While working and saving, you should invest in a mix of assets weighted toward stocks and growth. In your

In a Lopsided Market, Rebalancing Your Portfolio Is More Important Than Ever

Rebalancing. It’s technical and fiddly, the financial version of auto maintenance and hitting the gym. It can be intimidating, especially because many retirement savers simply contribute over the years and leave their portfolio to grow. It is, in the words