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A Successful Retirement May Hinge on Avoiding These Careless Mistakes

Deciding to retire can feel a bit unnerving. Retirees have plenty to potentially worry about – some of which they have no control over – like how the market will perform and how fast prices at the supermarket will increase.

Ask an Advisor: I Plan to Retire in Abroad But Need Another $300k-$400k. How Can I Get There?

I’m divorced three times, retired from the military and plan to retire from civil service in about four years at 64 years old. I have $150,000 in a thrift savings plan. I’m saving $900 monthly in this account and would

We Have $1.4 Million in IRAs and Fully Own a $750k Home. Can We Retire in 2 Years at 60?

Retiring early can be tricky, even if you have considerable home equity. Say for example that you’re married with $1.4 million in your IRAs and a home worth $750,000. Retiring early could well be within reach, but you may face

I Have $850,000 in an IRA and Would Receive $2,800 Monthly from Social Security. Can I Retire at 65?

For many retirees, prudent withdrawals from a wisely invested portfolio combined with Social Security benefits can provide a consistent income to support their spending needs. But what if you had $850,000 in an IRA and $2,800 in monthly Social Security

This Is My First Year Taking Social Security. How Do I Reduce My Taxes on It?

As your first year of retirement progresses, it’s important to evaluate whether the financial plan you laid out to ensure your sustainable well-being is going according to plan. An appropriate plan should include tax calculations to understand how much of

We’re 64 Years Old With $750k in an IRA and Social Security. Is It Too Late to Convert to a Roth IRA?

If you’re nearing retirement and you have a sizeable IRA balance, you face some significant decisions surrounding required withdrawals and taxes. Converting a traditional IRA into a Roth account is one move that can increase your planning flexibility. And even

Ask an Advisor: We’re in Our 70s With $120k in Savings and Social Security. How Do We Make It Last?

I’m 72 years old and my wife is 70. Over the years, some of our financial decisions were not the best, but we have enjoyed 45 years together so far, having two sons and now two daughter-in-laws and five grandchildren.

I’m 55 With a $2 Million Net Worth and $6k in Monthly Expenses. Can I Retire Now?

Retiring early raises a series of questions around both income and spending. You will need to manage your portfolio for longer-term drawdowns, an early end to new earnings, and a long wait for Social Security to kick in. You will

I’m 65 Years Old With $750k in an IRA. I’m Taking Social Security – Is It Too Late for a Roth Conversion?

If you’re 65 years old and collecting Social Security, you may wonder if it’s too late to convert your $750,000 traditional IRA into a Roth IRA. The short answer is no – there are no legal restrictions to Roth conversion

I Have $1 Million in a Roth IRA and Will Receive $2,250 Monthly From Social Security. Can I Retire at 62?

Suppose you have $1 million in a Roth IRA and will receive $2,250 each month from Social Security when you become eligible for benefits. Would this be enough to allow you to retire at age 62? The answer to that