Clothesline efficiency

I always smile when I hear about the backbreaking labor of using clotheslines to dry clothes instead of the backbreaking labor required to buy and maintain a clothes dryer.

When I hang a load of wet clothes out to dry I bend my back exactly three times; because I’m smart, you know ?

Instead of transferring all the clothes to the hamper and bending down each time to get a new piece of clothes, I fish the clothes up and put them on my shoulder if it’s a shirt or a pair of pants or in my hand if its a small item. I do either one or the other on a trip. Then I walk out to the clothesline and simply transfer it from my shoulder or hand to the line. This happens at the speed of a slow walk.

I don’t use clothes pegs. It’s not very windy around here, so I merely hang the clothes. If I hang it right, it will have few wrinkles too. Another advantage of not using clothes pegs is that once the clothes are dry, a slight puff of wind will blow some of them to the ground. That way I know they’re dry without having to walk over and check (I can see the line from my bedroom window).

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Originally posted 2009-09-09 10:03:16.